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I safely arrived back on this damp green island on Monday night. And while I did post about it to FaceBook, updating DreamWidth seems to have passed me by.

It is both weird and wonderful to be back here. Yes, by far the highlight of the experience is living with my marvelous Mike again. But it's also been interesting how the house now gets compared in the back of my mind with the potential new places I checked out in Minneapolis. This house has larger rooms, larger windows, extensive woods for a backyard and (except for being a little colder than I prefer) is just objectively nicer than what I would have landed up choosing there.

I'm staying a little too busy unpacking boxes and rearranging rooms. Besides the very full car of things I moved from Minneapolis, much of which came from my mother-in-law's place in Chicago, the house itself had a lot of things either packed up in expectation of moving, or just shoved out of the way when we emptied the North half of the house in order to rent it out. So there is a ton of sorting, and deciding, and probable selling of stuff in addition to the effort of washing and painting the SouthEast room before moving things back into it. I haven't painted a room in decades, but I know the basic process hasn't changed at all.

And I suppose I better stop putting it off by cruising social media...
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