Jan. 9th, 2017

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With big changes looming for me once again (I'm leaving Minneapolis, and DreamHaven, and Greg and Lisa, on Sunday, to return to Vashon, and Mike and my house and the vast majority of my stuff (a minority of my stuff is traveling with me, and will now rejoin the main mass)), and with a renewed rise in complaints from other users on FaceBook and LiveJournal that things are "not how they like them and why oh why can't we find a better chat-home than this?!?", I am going to attempt, once again, as I have before but never for very long, to post to social media about what I'm doing, what I'm interested in, and make a serious effort to not just read other people's posts, but to comment if only to assure them that what they've written was indeed Read and Enjoyed even when I really don't have enough to add to justify a Comment.

How's that for a first sentence? I'll try not to do that again.

On my mind this morning is working on the Program for Minicon, doing a mental review of last year's science fictional highlights as the Hugo nomination period opens, and thinking about just what I might want to write about here in the future...
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Another thing I always meant to do, and think I'll try using DreamWidth to accomplish, is to collect together and comment on some of the many blogs and webcomics that I follow.

One of those is Peter Boylan's fascinating account of his adventures and discoveries as "The Budo Bum", with today's post about training in Japan being a great example.



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