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Like almost all transitions, today will have a little sad mixed in with the busy, but I'm already so focused on the short term fun of Emerald City Comic Con this weekend and the Moving to Minneapolis to launch a career with DreamHaven that will be my Wednesday next week, that the real challenge will be to give the Country Store the attention they deserve.

I've already completed sufficient information transfer to be confident that the current staff can pick up where I left off on any of my many projects and tasks, so it will just be a matter of getting today's activities wrapped up.

Tomorrow I'll be off plenty early to get to the convention, bringing with me six boxes of SofaWolf books to deliver to their booth. Then it's off to meet up with the crew that Helen Montgomery has put together to help with the Science Fiction Outreach Project, a marvelous scheme where six to ten thousand science fiction books are given away (free!) to the attendees of the show, along with information about upcoming SF related events, like Worldcon. It's going to be a blast!

I'm also bringing with a small stack of graphic novels to get signed - as much as an excuse to have a conversation with the creators as anything, but they are all books I've really enjoyed.

My only other planned activity for Emerald City is going to be getting another sketchbook filled. I already have a completed one with creator's self portrait sketches, one that's barely started with airships, and one with only four pages left with interpretations of Agatha Heterodyne. The airship one has not been as fun as the other two, and I'm thinking I might just start a new self portrait collection, as that one's been fascinating to assemble.

Now to get my head back into retail for good old-timey work clothes, PNW specialty foods, no-battery toys, plants, seeds and animal feed - just for one more day.
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